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Have you been cleaning and purging during quarantine? It is one of the many positive things that has come out of this very weird time. I personally have spent the last few weeks organizing different areas of the house and getting rid of items we no longer need. One area that I have resisted touching, partially because it’s overwhelming and partially because I can’t emotionally detach from our baby items, is all the baby and kids items we have piled up in our basement.

I had learned about GoodBuy Gear a while back and knew that I wanted to work with them when I was ready to get rid of our precious items. The concept is amazing! Minimal work for you, other than cleaning out your own items, then, if you choose, they will pick everything up you are ready to get rid of. I specifically wanted to offload our larger items: a car-seat, baby swing, sit-me-up, etc.

Once everything was aggregated on our front porch, a member of the GoodBuy Gear team came in an adorable van to pick everything up. It is as easy as it seems! The women behind the brand are moms themselves and want to make your life as easy as possible. Seriously…the brunt of the work is actually cleaning things out and selecting what you want picked-up.

So, below are a few questions about the process I can answer for you:

How do I schedule my items to be picked up? Click here to schedule a drop-off or pick-up time. It is super easy and the windows of times are very convenient! The best part is that you put all the items out on your front porch and they do the rest. You don’t have to lift a finger when they arrive!

Does it cost anything to drop-off and/or have your items picked-up? It is free to drop your items off and only $25 to have them picked-up! Believe me though, their white-glove service is VERY much worth the fee. Also, the individual picking your items up is from their team…not someone sketchy from Craigslist. Ha!

How much will I receive for my items? They actually offer a payout estimator on the site you can find here. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact them directly here.

Do they take anything? No, they have some serious quality control! They have a team of people that checks the items brought to them to ensure they meet their quality criteria.

What happens once the items are picked up? You will receive an email with information about when your items go on sale go on sale and when they are sold.

How long do items typically take to sell? Typically items sell within the first 10- 30 days. Which to me seems like a very reasonable amount of time!

Do I need to create an account? Yes, all sellers should create a GoodBuy Gear account. From there, when you login it will show all of your items, alert you when they sell and show you how much money you have made!
How do I cash out on the money I have made? In addition to receiving emails when items sell, in your account you can also cash out your funds – they offer direct deposit, Good Buy Bucks, or donation to select organizations.
Bottom line, you must use their services! It is a win-win…you can clean out your house and possibly earn a little extra cash while you do it. If you have any other questions, please review their FAQ page as well.
Don’t forget you can shop for items yourself online here as well!

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