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We are so excited to bring our Meet A Mom series back and introduce Lindsay Tuttle! Lindsay is a local entrepreneur and overall boss mom. I have personally already started to tap into her about the education around essential oils, which I have been looking into a lot lately. Also, fun fact,one thing she and I have in common is we are inspired by people that stick up for what’s right! Love this though process…and sadly, so hard to find these days. Meet Lindsay below and check out the free session she’s offering to one reader…pending you claim before 4/30!

Instagram Handle / Facebook Page 
@lindsaytuttlenp + @lindsay.arnp.essentials

Briefly introduce yourself!
Lindsay Tuttle is a holistic nurse practitioner and mama dedicated to helping women and families feel empowered about their health. After going through Lyme disease and autoimmune issues, she dedicated herself towards root cause healing and became a Young Living Educator, creating the Health & Hope Tribe.

How many children do you have and what are their age(s)?
2 and they are 4 and 13 months

Where do you live in South Denver exactly? If not South Denver, where?
When initially answered, we lived in Highlands Ranch. However, we relocated to Golden about a month ago.

What’s your favorite family friendly activity in South Denver?
Just going to the park! Or we like finding hikes to do together.

What’s your favorite kid friendly restaurant in South Denver?
Vibe Foods and Crave Burger

What’s your favorite date night restaurant in Denver (not just South Denver)?
My idea of a date night is a coffee together followed by a movie haha.

What’s the best mom and/or parenting advice you’ve received?
Just go with the flow!

What inspires you?
Those who are bold and always willing to learn and stick up for what’s right.

You started with holistic approaches, consulting, oils, etc. Tell us more! You have so much to tell!
I started learning more about holistic health and nutrition as I started working as a floor nurse and was interested in alternative methods to best support patient care. After going through my own experience dealing with health concerns and not finding the answers I needed to heal, I knew there was a big need in the healthcare system for women to feel heard and to get to the root cause. This led me to know my occupational path would look different, and I opened up my own integrative practice a few years ago. Non-toxic living and essential oils became foundational for me to start my healing journey, and through thorough research and usage, I was lead to the young living brand being the past choice for me to use for myself, my family, and in my clinic. The more I have learned about essential oils and other alternative treatments throughout the years, the more empowered I have felt not only as a nurse, but in my favorite “Job”: being a mama!

What inspired you to start as a consultant and blogger?
I have always loved writing. I actually wanted to be a journalist before I decided to become a nurse. I always loved writing and blogging throughout the years. I think my inspiration to use it more as a platform came from seeing a need: Realness and vulnerability. Everyone is fighting a battle. I think when we can be honest and transparent about our human experience, it can create beautiful dialogue and open hearted discussion.

What is the best career/business advice you’ve ever received?
People don’t but what you do they buy why you do it.

What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?
The opportunity to grow myself and work past emotional blocks and paradigms that block me from success

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?
It was setting boundaries. That has gotten so much easier. It has been essential for growth! To believe the best in everyone and that they are doing the best they can, it is so important to have some foundational boundaries in place.

What do you do for self-care?
A hike or I grab some hot chocolate and watch Gilmore Girls.

What is your best mom hack?
do these exist? haha- I feel like being an expert food sneaker! so blending veggies in tomato sauce, mixing cauliflower rice in regular rice, subbing applesauce for maple syrup on pancakes. I get more and more creative with time 🙂

Is there anything else about you and/or your business you want to highlight?
Every month I feature new health topic discussions on my instagram and my facebook page. Want to chat more? Shoot me a message there or on my website I especially love to help postpartum moms and support women in finding physical, emotional and spiritual balance

Lastly, Lindsay would like to offer a free 20 minute integrative health consultation that must be claimed prior to 4/30. To claim you can direct message her @lindsaytuttlenp or though the contact section at I specialize in womens health, hormone, thyroid, autoimmune, Lyme, pregnancy/postpartum and pediatric. Let her know you are claiming

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