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Raise your hand if going to the store with your kids is a tedious process that leaves you both physically and mentally exhausted…ME! I feel like I am running some marathon that I did not sign up for when I take both kids to the store with me. Sometimes, I go to multiple stores too, which is worse.

Did you know that most of our local grocery stores and Targets offer drive-up services so you don’t even need to leave your car? And most offer delivery options (for a small fee) as well! Here are a few you can try, especially as we practice “social distancing” with the spread of the Corona virus. We have also noted a few tips that we’ve learned along the way. We have recently done drive-up at Safeway and Target. They were both wonderful experiences!

If you’re like me, you go to multiple stores for different items. For example, there’s a certain brand of pasta I like that is only sold at Whole Foods and then sweet treats I can only get at Targets. So I am someone that has a lot of spots to hit to complete my grocery shopping. Which is why I love the below options!

  • Safeway
    • Delivery, Drive-Up or PIck-Up Options? All of the above! Although, with the option of drive-up, I’m not sure why you would get out of the car. Ha!
    • They have a few spots in the parking lot that you pull into and then call the number on the sign. One you provide them with your last name, they will bring out your stuff and load it in the car.
    • Regardless, you will need to create an account, but you should download the Safeway Delivery & Pickup App to add items to your cart and quickly order from your phone. There is also a $30 minimum when ordering for drive-up, which is typically very easy to hit. In terms of deliver, it looks like they are currently offering $20 off your order and free delivery! They regular delivery fee looks to be $14.95 but could be waved if you order $150 or more. Call your local store to confirm though.
  • Target
    • Delivery, Drive-Up or Pick-Up Options? All of the above!
    • One thing to note about drive-up and pick-up options at Target, you cannot schedule pick-up or drive-up with items that can spoil. Target lets you order a few days in advance, so in order for them to protect themselves (limit liability), they can’t have anything waiting that might go bad before you pick it up. Make sense!
    • Think about pre-ordering dry goods, beauty products, baby products, paper products, laundry detergents, etc., that you need to pick-up. You will want to use Target for  the larger items that you don’t want to lug around while you have the kids (i.e. – paper towels, detergent, toilet paper, diapers, formula, etc.)
    • You do have to download the Target app to participate, which is really easy! There is no minimum for your order. You can just pick-up one item if you need to! Target’s same-day grocery delivery service is one of the best of the bunch because it balances affordability, convenience, and accessibility: Membership costs $14/month or $99/year after a free two-week trial. Members get free delivery on orders over $35. Otherwise, a $7 delivery fee applies.
  • King Soopers
    • Delivery, Drive-Up or Pick-Up Options? Similar to Safeway, King Soopers offers delivery, drive-up and pick-up options.
    • A $5.95 delivery fee and a $6.00 service charge will be applied to your order at the time it’s placed.
  • Whole Foods
    • Delivery, Drive-Up or Pick-Up Options? Whole Foods currently offers delivery and pick-up options, not drive-up.
    • The delivery and pick-up options are ONLY for Amazon Prime members! So you will need to join to participate if you haven’t joined already. I don’t know many people that aren’t Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon Fresh
    • Delivery, Drive-Up or Pick-Up Options? This is a delivery service offered only to Amazon Prime members. While we have not tried this option ourselves, we know a lot of people that use Amazon Fresh and love it. They are on a bit of delay though given the widespread panic of the Coronavirus.

We should mention with with most of these stores, you can typically select a pick-up date in time (so you can do it in advance). However, even when I selected a later time for the same day drive-up, both Safeway and Target had my order ready within 60-90 minutes. They have been slammed lately though, so allow them enough time.

Happy shopping! Stay safe everyone!

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